Course Date:


6 days


Cozy Nook North-Palolem beach,
On the River Bank,
Canacona , South Goa-403702

About the Course

“Healing is Active Meditation. Healing is Meditation in Motion.” – Master Choa Kok Sui

Basic Pranic Healing is designed for everyone, from students to engineers, doctors to housewives, parents to teachers as it introduces methods of a healthy living. The knowledge inside Basic Pranic healing is designed to empower you to take your health into your own hands. Pranic Healing exposes the growing body of scientific evidence proving that healing energy therapy can be more effective and more economical than most conventional treatments.


  • Learn about your energy body, chakras in the human bodyand their physical functions.
  • Learn to scan the positive & negative energy levels of yourself and others.
  • De-stress & revitalize instantly using Pranic breathing techniques.
  • Complementing the medical system, learn how to heal a wide range of physical ailments from headache to fever, high blood pressure, gas pain, shoulder, knee and back pain as well as cough and cold etc.
  • Parents can bring down the temperature of their children in just few hours.
  • Learn the science of doing distant healing for loved ones living in other parts of the world.
  • Learn how to apply these healing techniques to do self healing.
  • Learn a 20 minute meditation on Twin Heart to achieve inner peace and calmness. Furthermore, it helps us generate healthier relationships & family unity.
  • Learn the meaning of the Karma, the importance of character building etc in order to understand the root cause of problems.
  • Meditation – Learn The Meditation on Twin Hearts in this course

Course Details

A non-drug,no touch therapy, to heal the person and balance the energies, learn to use planetary peace meditation, self- healing , distend healing and healing for physical and psycho somatic ailments. Pranic healing is highly evolved and tested system energy medicine developed by grandmaster CHOA KOK SUI using prana to balance, harmonize and transform the body’s energy process. Prana is a Sanskrit word means life-force.

  1. Introduction to Yoga Prana Vidya.
  2. Sources of prana.
  3. Concepts of rapid recovery.
  4. Concept of vital life force.
  5. Completing energy circuit.
  6. Energy Anatomy.
  7. Inner Aura.
  8. Health Aura.
  9. Outer Aura.
  10. Functions of Energy Information Field (EIF).
  11. Energy Depletion & Congestion.
  12. Simple steps to treatment.
  13. Scanning, cleansing, energizing and stabilizing energy. (Three essential techniques in yoga prana vidya).
  14. How to transfer energy.
  15. Precautions to be taken by the therapist while transferring energy.
  16. Main chakras.
  17. How to prepare the patient for treatment.
  18. Rhythmic yogic breathing.
  1. Detailed study of energy centers.
  2. General knowledge about Energy.
  3. Qualities and type of color Energy.
  4. How to use color energy.
  5. Projection of color energy.
  6. Understanding the movement of Energy centers to accelerate cleansing and projecting.
  7. Hand rotation of cleansing and projecting techniques.
  8. Normalizing energy centers.
  9. How to use brilliant and electric violet energy.
  10. Spiritual and divine healing.
Syllabus Level 3- PSYCHOTHERAPY
  1. Refining the ability to feel subtle energy.
  2. How to begin treatment.
  3. Monitoring treatment.
  4. Providing energy to emotions, mind, and psychic (psychological effects).
  5. Power of divine energies.
  6. Protective web.
  7. Advanced cleansing and energizing.
  8. Protection of EIF through shielding.
  9. Relationship healing.
  10. Self-healing and distant healing.
  11. Treatment for stress, strain, anxiety, grief an projection.
  12. Treatment for self-defeating behaviour and complexes.
  13. Treatment for addiction OCD etc.

Why study at Isthaa?

As one of the most premium Kerala Ayurveda Institutes in the country, we provide the most specialized and professional healing courses. We strive to provide one-on-one sessions with our Kerala qualified teachers as well as a peaceful and supportive studying and working environment for our students to learn.
With our years of experience in this field, Isthaa provides all the necessary tools and techniques to our students to equip them for their bright future ahead. Our course and institute is recognized by the ‘Government of India’and ‘International Ayurveda Academy Kerala’ and each student, on the completion of their course, will receive a certificate from our institute approved by the Government of India.
Our course provides an additional advantage as it provides not just theoretical and practical session on Ayurveda, but also medicinal preparations and Ayurveda cooking class with comprehensive training that develops your communication and client management skills, along with making our students self-aware and self-observant of the knowledge they receive during the course.

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