Welcome to the land of white sands, bright sun, sparkling waters and wavering palm trees.

Isthaa International Spa Therapy & Ayurveda Academy is now in Goa with the same vision what we started in Kerala.


The most beautiful state of India offers a perfect environment for the yoga practitioners. Tropical weather and multi cultural atmosphere has attracted the travellers from all around the world to this pearl bounded by the Arabian Sea in western India. Goa was originally a Portuguese colony before 1961. You can still feel some of the Portuguese architectural heritage and some Portuguese influence in Goan cuisine.

The climate of Goa is always pleasant throughout the year with temperatures ranging from 24 to 29 degrees. It’s the only state of India which offers lush green and smooth roads away from pollution and chaos. The best time to visit Goa is from October to April. Affordable international and domestic flights are easy to find.

Those who can’t travel to KERALA for some reason now they can access the same training in GOA.
  • If you are looking for inner peace and wisdom,
  • If you are open to understand the Kerala Ayurveda philosophy,
  • If you want to merge in deep silence to seek who you really are,
  • If you are looking for some unknown answer or something vacant which is sparkling always within you,
  • If you want to bring your regular yoga practice to next lever and to share the same knowledge with your friends or with the world.
  • If you want to break all the boundaries and limitation which are holding you back from freedom and liberation

We learn, we teach, we grow

We love, we heal, we connect 

We are ISTHAA,

Gift from India present to the world


Let’s make the world the best place for everyone


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